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Fairview Road Speedway

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Joined: 24 Apr 2006
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2006 10:54 pm    Post subject: Fairview Road Speedway Reply with quote

What up with you people, can you not see the houses, the speed limit signs, the children walking down the street, this is not your personal
by-pass road. Just the other day as I was walking down the street this Black Suburban with a woman talking on her cell phone nearly hit me and my 3 year old daughter as we walked. Her vehicle was hugging the side of the road with her inner tires 2 feet passed the white painted line on the side, flying around a curve... I pull out of my driveway and have people flying down the street slam their brakes so they don't hit me, then they tailgate me as I drive the speed limit down the road, because I am slowing them down.... I have people honk thier horns and scream at me because I'm turning into my driveway, and it slows their progress....

How about the driver of the Black Hummer H2 that forgot to read about STOPPING for school busses in the drivers manual, yea that's a law....

Dear Medford Police, set a radar trap up in my driveway... and don't forget about the "You have received your warning" signs and ticket them, and not at a lesser speed then they were doing...
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Joined: 16 Jun 2003
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Location: Medford, NJ

PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2006 9:56 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

JoeDints has lived in Tamarac for decades... so he knows the area well.

I hope the woman in the black Suburban wasn't the same one I saw dump her full ashtray on Centennial Road... what a rude move. She lives in Centennial Lakes. Obviously, she is a grade A oblivion. Let's hope she gets a clue, or moves.

If the problem of speeding is too bad, you could always pick up a radar gun, and use your camcorder and the radar gun to document the problem. Send your speeding highlight tape to the Medford Police and city council, and maybe you will get some help.

I've lived in Medford as long as JoeDints (we are the same age, and we were in the same grade)... and I have always known Fairview Road as a speed trap... where traffic enforcement was pretty high. Just like Lenape Trail in Medford Lakes, or Taunton Boulevard in Lake Pine... if you make a habit of speeding on these roads you will pay the price pretty quickly.

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Joined: 24 Apr 2006
Posts: 8

PostPosted: Sun May 07, 2006 7:22 pm    Post subject: Re: Nail 'em Reply with quote

mpr370 wrote:
Yeah, if you live on that road, god bless ya. That is a tuff road and way too small for the amount of traffic it gets today. However, as for a "personal
by-pass road", i will say, actually, Yes, it is . I have been taking that road (mostly to work) for a very long time - I would confidently say, probably longer than you have lived there. I know that because I watched most of the homes on that road being built. That said, too many pepople drive way too fast on that road and the Medford PD should set up a few traps now and then; Or put one of those traffic speed indicators there periodically.

You can always notice me coming down fairview tho, I am the one doing the speed limit (or damn close to it) and I have at least two or three vehicles, VERY close in tow - with angry looking drivers..... Wink

I have lived on Fairview for about 6 years now, I first moved to Tamarac near Fairview in 1973, my parents still live in that house. I remember when it was a dirt road and when it was first paved and realigned to straighten it out more...
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