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We respect your privacy.  We will never sell, share, or rent your e-mail address or contact information to anyone.  We will not send you unsolicited e-mail, except as noted below for administrative purposes.  You will always have the ability to opt-out of any regular communications.

The discussion forum system is set up to require the registration of participants who wish to post messages.  Your e-mail address is required in order to register as a user of the Medford-NJ discussion forums.  This feature helps to prevent unwanted junk messages and it discourages the posting of inappropriate content.  When you register, you have the option to make your e-mail address visible to others.  This setting is made by you, and it can be changed at any time by you.  You can choose to reveal personal information to others, or to keep your identity private and anonymous.  Your e-mail address will be available to the site administrator, who may contact you if necessary for administrative purposes.


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